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One man showed his love for his mother by riding a bike from Vermont to Virginia to see her. Concerned by his mother’s struggle with suicidal thoughts, depression and chronic pain, he overcame any remaining resentment that was lingering after a childhood spent in foster homes due to her issues and went to support her in the only way he knew how – to be by her side.

Now living in Gainesville, Georgia, the man does not regret the bike ride or anything he’s done to rebuild his relationship with his mother. Though chronic pain is still an issue for her, she is getting treatment for her depression, and suicidal thoughts are no longer a problem. This may be due in part to the love and support of her son.

Dealing with Crises Due to Mental Health Disorders

There is no shortage of drama and crises when a family member is struggling with a mental health disorder like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders and other mental health issues. Though these incidents can be overwhelming to all involved, they may incite positive change by demonstrating that treatment is necessary – and is necessary now.

Help for Everyone in the Family

In situations where the symptoms of a mental health disorder create a dysfunctional family dynamic, it is often necessary for all members of the family to seek treatment in order to heal. Though the afflicted family member will require the most in-depth and intensive treatment program, others may benefit from taking part in:

  • Family support groups
  • Therapy sessions with each other and the person in treatment
  • Workshops to better understand the disorder

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