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A quiet greenway near Smyrna, GA became a crime scene last year when an elderly man was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police came to the scene after the man was discovered, and he was immediately rushed to a local hospital. However, the wound turned out to be fatal, and the man was pronounced dead on arrival.

Side Effects of Depression

Many people commit suicide believing that no one can help them and that suicide is their only option, but suicide can be prevented if an individual receives help. Because suicide is often linked to mental illness, recognizing when a loved one’s struggles with mental health issues are becoming overwhelming is very important.

Depression, a mental health disorder commonly associated with suicide, is one that millions of people struggle with each year. It also takes a big toll on physical health. Untreated depression can last for months or even years, and its side effects can aggravate the condition or even cause more health issues.

Below are some ways that depression’s side effects can further negatively impact an individual:

  • Insomnia leads to decreased energy levels and can aggravate the symptoms of depressions.
  • Extreme weight gain or weight loss due to depression can cause further physical issues.
  • Risky behavior resulting from depression can put the individual at greater risk for injury, illness or death.
  • Depression has a strong link to suicide.

Prevention and Treatment: Are You Ready to Help Your Loved One Move Forward?

Depression is a treatable condition, and the majority of treated individuals recover from it. Understanding the condition and learning how to cope with its effects are possible with the right treatment and care. Find out more about treatment options available to those you love in Smyrna by calling this number today.

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