Paying for Treatment Costs
Paying for heroin rehab can be daunting.

Thousands of dollars a month for inpatient heroin addiction treatment costs when most addicts can barely scrape together a few bills for their next fix can make heroin rehab feel far out of reach. The good news is that heroin rehab can be affordable – even free – in most circumstances.

Whether or not you have insurance, whether or not you have income of any kind, you can find the heroin addiction treatment you need at a price you can afford.

If there is a drawback to residential heroin rehab, it is the price.  Some private drug rehab centers dealing with heroin addiction can cost as much as several thousand dollars per week to attend.   Even those that are less expensive may be out of reach for many American families – especially those that have seen their financial standing put in jeopardy as a result of heroin addiction which can cause an individual to loot his savings, lose his job, etc.

There are ways to help those who can’t pay the full cost of rehab, however.  Insurance companies are now more likely than ever to offer coverage for heroin addiction treatment programs. (Check with your provider, and/or the rehab facility in question).  Also, some substance abuse and mental health treatment centers offer private financing that can (for those who apply) spread out payments over a longer period of time.

You Have Insurance?

If you have health insurance, you may find that a number of heroin addiction treatment costs will be covered through your policy.

You may also find that only certain mental health services up to a certain dollar amount are covered – after your deductible. The details are usually minute and specific, so it’s important that you not assume that your health insurance will foot the bill for any heroin rehab or detox you choose. Check with them first and make sure that your idea of what makes sense matches with theirs and then choose a heroin addiction treatment program accordingly.

Don’t Have Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance and you need heroin addiction treatment cost assistance, rest assured: you are not alone. A huge percentage of those who receive heroin rehab services in the United States do so by paying only a portion of the bill, or none at all. In some cases, free heroin addiction treatment programs are available to those who are homeless, on a fixed income, receiving state financial services, or are court ordered to attend treatment. Often, you may find that a certain number of spots in some of the most expensive heroin rehab centers are reserved for those on state assistance or court ordered to go to rehab. It’s a matter of knowing who to ask – that’s where we come in.

Sliding Scale Rates

For those who have a low or moderate income, sliding scale costs for heroin addiction treatment are possible. This means that, based upon the amount of money you bring home each month and the number of people you are supporting with that income, your heroin rehab bill will vary. Those who make less or have more people to care for may be eligible for discounted rates. The availability of sliding scale and what that scale translates into in terms of dollars and cents will vary depending upon the heroin rehab you choose.

Financing Options

Due to the economy, it’s becoming more and more common that individuals have a moderate income that is high enough to keep them from sliding scale rates or free heroin rehab but low enough that they don’t have health insurance to assist with the cost of treatment. In these cases, you may find that a financing option will work best for you. By working together with the accounting department at your heroin rehab of choice, you can arrange to pay whatever you can up front and then work out a payment plan that allows you to repay the cost of heroin addiction treatment over time. In this way, you can afford to go to treatment now and worry about the bulk of the costs after you have successfully beaten your addiction.

Saving Up

It’s not easy to save money when you are living with heroin addiction, but it is possible. If you are really ready to get the help you need and friends and family simply can’t or won’t give you the money to pay for treatment, you can enlist a trusted loved one to hold some of your money for you as you earn it. As the funds add up, you may be able to work out a financing plan with a heroin rehab of your choice or afford to get on a heroin detox program.

Heroin Addiction Treatment: Your Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today

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