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The College of DuPage near Addison, IL, has a reputation for embracing military personnel, veterans and their families. On September 20, 2013, the school will be hosting a Veteran’s Mental Health Summit. Partnering with a local VA hospital, the college is putting on this free event to make military personnel aware of the many local mental health resources available to them. A number of informational breakout sessions will also give soldiers, veterans and caregivers opportunities to learn more about a variety of mental health topics.

Afflicted with Dissociation

Dissociation can be experienced by individuals suffering from various mental health disorders. When an individual goes through an episode of dissociation, they experience a disturbance of some sort. The person may lose awareness or consciousness, become confused about their identity, or have very troubling thoughts. Sometimes it can also happen in isolation, without the presence of any other disorder. Some of these dissociative disorders are listed below:

  • Dissociative amnesia. Often linked to traumatic events, the individual loses the ability to remember certain details or events.
  • Dissociative identity disorder. Formerly known as multiple personality disorder, an individual has more than one identity, and each identity controls different actions.
  • Dissociative fugue. This involves severe confusion and disorientation in regards to the individual’s identity. In some cases, this can lead to the creation of a new identity.
  • Depersonalization disorder. This involves frequently experiencing detachment from the world around them or having the idea that the world is unreal.

Help Through the Struggle

If your Addison loved one is experiencing mental health symptoms and you are at a loss as to how best to help them, don’t continue to struggle alone. Call today to find the professional assistance, care and support they need to recover. We’re here to help.

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