In Bolingbrook

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-IL, spent three months in treatment for bipolar disorder and returned home in the fall of 2012. Those close to him said that mental health treatment seemed to have helped him to stabilize and that he was doing well.

Meanwhile, in Bolingbrook, Illinois, residents who struggle with bipolar disorder now have a role model close to home demonstrating the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention. Not only does having someone in an authoritative position speak openly about their mental health diagnosis help to relieve the stigma, but seeing him get the help he needed to heal may encourage others in Bolingbrook and across the state to seek treatment if they need it.

Gaining the Courage to Ask for Help

It’s not easy to admit that you are living with mental health symptoms that are negatively impacting your life. Talking to a stranger about personal issues is difficult and saying out loud that you need help isn’t any easier. It’s a brave thing to do when you take the time to pick up the phone and ask for help, then follow through and seek the treatment you need to heal. In many cases, just getting the ball rolling in mental health treatment can be the hardest part. After that, you have the support and care of a team of mental health professionals who are trained to ease you through the process as comfortably and effectively as possible.

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