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Mental illness can strike at any time. There are no boundaries and no defenses. Even Congressman Jesse Jackson of Illinois was caught off guard by a bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2012.

If someone you love in Decatur, Illinois is struggling with mental health symptoms but nervous about seeking treatment, we can help. Contact us at the phone number listed above and speak to a counselor about finding the mental health treatment program that is the right fit for your Decatur loved one.

Bipolar Disorder or Another Bad Day?

Some people are unsure when their mental health symptoms become a treatable issue. While it’s true that you may experience mild mood swings, bouts of depression, or times of high excitement and focus, few people experience these things regularly and on a cyclical basis unless there is a mental health disorder present. Some signs that your symptoms may be more than a passing phase include:

  • Regular patterns or cycles of mood swings
  • Experiencing symptoms for more than six months
  • The symptoms disrupt your ability to work or function
  • Hallucinations of any kind (e.g., visual, auditory, etc.)

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Is a Phone Call Away

If you are living in Decatur with symptoms that you believe may be symptomatic of bipolar disorder or another mental illness, we can help match you to a mental health treatment program that can provide you with the diagnostic and evaluation help you need to determine how to move forward. The right diagnosis can start you on a path of treatment that can change the rest of your life and help you learn how to manage your symptoms so they no longer are disruptive to your home life or at work. Are you ready to take the first step? Contact us today.

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