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With more and more states across the country legalizing medical marijuana – and in some cases, decriminalizing marijuana used for recreational purposes – the debate in Des Plaines, Illinois and across the state is whether or not Illinois should follow in those footsteps. What are the risks? What are the costs? What are the benefits?

For Des Plaines, IL families who have a loved one who is attempting to use marijuana to medicate untreated mental health issues, the problems can affect almost every aspect of life. The result is often the continued negative impact of the mental illness compounded by the issue of substance abuse and addiction.

What does your family member need to successfully manage unwieldy mental health symptoms? Contact us now to find out what you need to know about mental health treatment.

Dual Diagnosis: What Does It Mean?

A diagnosis of co-occurring disorders occurs when your loved one exhibits the symptoms of two major mental health issues simultaneously, often addiction and another mental health problem.  Because the symptoms of one often drive the issues of the other disorder and vice versa, it is generally recommended that those with a Dual Diagnosis undergo treatment for both issues at a mental health treatment center with comprehensive resources to provide aggressive care for both disorders.

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If you are unsure where to begin when it comes to seeking out effective mental health treatment for your loved one, don’t wait to contact us. At the phone number listed above, you will get access to mental health treatment professionals who can assist you in matching your loved one to the right treatment program for their needs. Call today to get started.

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