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The effects of mental illness go beyond the individual; it affects all their loved ones as well. A Pulitzer Prize-winning musical playing near Hanover Park, IL, gives audiences an intimate look into the effects of one family member’s mental illness on the rest of her household. Chronicling a mother’s struggle with bipolar disorder, Next to Normal is an emotional look at the way one family learns how to deal with mental illness.

Families Dealing with Mental Illness

Families that deal with mental illness often find themselves on a steep learning curve. Understanding their loved one’s condition and figuring out how to best deal with the loved one’s behaviors is a process. Apart from seeking professional care for the individual, there are also other things the family can do:

  • Do your homework and learn as much as possible about their condition. This includes learning about their symptoms, ways to care for them, and the possibility of recovery.
  • Because mental illness does exact a toll on everyone close to the individual, make sure that everyone else in the family gets the care, support and rest they need.
  • Stay away from making the individual feel guilty or blaming them for their illness. Instead, focus on the possibilities for recovery that lie ahead of them.
  • Create an environment of openness for family members to communicate what they are experiencing.

Accepting Help to Recover

Learning to deal with a mental illness is never easy, neither for the individual nor for those close to him. If you believe that someone you care about in Hanover Park needs help coping with mental health issues, call us today at the phone number listed above.

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