In Palatine

Like many states in the country, Illinois is having a hard time paying for the mental health treatment that state residents need. Another mental health treatment facility shut down in 2012, and many patients were left to try and find treatment at other public facilities that were already bursting at the seams. Unfortunately, it means that emergency rooms will need to be prepared to handle acute cases since there is nowhere else for patients to go.

Residents of Palatine, Illinois do not have to depend upon emergency services or overcrowded state facilities. Private mental health treatment programs do not depend on public funding, and they have access to the resources necessary to provide a wide range of therapeutic interventions. How do you find a private mental health treatment program that can help you progress in treatment? Call us today.

When Immediate Stabilization Is Necessary

Why do emergency room personnel need training in handling acute mental health cases? Too often, those living with severe mental health disorders fall through the cracks for years, and only get the help they need when they have an acute episode characterized by delusion, extreme erratic behavior, self-harm and/or violence. Though it is not ideal, these patients are often brought to the emergency room, especially if law enforcement gets involved. Immediate sedation in order to protect the patient, medical personnel and law enforcement is often necessary. Too often, if there are no openings in state mental health facilities, they are released when they are medically stable despite the obvious need for mental health treatment.

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