In Schaumberg

When a baby was abandoned at a church in Schaumberg, Illinois, everyone’s first thought was safety. Is the baby well? Is the mother well? The next thought: Churches are not on the list of protected drop-off points where parents can relinquish unwanted children. Due to a lack of medical personnel and the fact that the baby may not have been found for days, the parent’s mental health becomes an issue. Is she struggling with postpartum depression or another mental health disorder that made it difficult for her to think clearly?

These issues are not uncommon among new parents, especially new mothers. Raging hormones can wreak havoc on preexisting mental health disorders and make a bad situation far worse. If someone you love in Schaumberg, IL is struggling with debilitating mental health symptoms, contact us today to find a rehab program that can help.

Postpartum Depression

Mothers struggling with postpartum depression often have a hard time on all fronts. They may:

  • Be unable to stop worrying about their new baby
  • Feel anxious all the time
  • Be unable to sleep
  • Feel a lack of connection to their new child
  • Feel joyless or sad

In the worst cases, women who struggle with postpartum depression may hurt their newborn physically or neglect them, causing them harm. It’s an issue that many obstetricians and primary care physicians are trained to look for, but many women still fall through the cracks.

Mental Health Treatment Begins When You Ask for Help: Call Now

If you believe that you or someone you love in Schaumberg is struggling with postpartum depression or another mental health disorder, don’t wait to get help. Call now to find the right treatment program to address your symptoms.