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With a population of over 116,000 residents, Springfield is the third capital of Illinois. Home of Abraham Lincoln, this famous city is a tourist attraction for people all over the world. The The Lincoln Park Neighborhood is minutes away from Lincoln’s Tomb on Monument Avenue, which is a popular site to see. Chock full of history, museums, and art galleries, Springfield is considered one of the best places to live in the United States of America. The city experiences hot summers and cold winters, and a large part of the economy is government jobs. Performing arts, banking, and tourism are also a large part of Springfield’s economy, and also educational programs. Unfortunately, some people that reside in Springfield deal with mood disorders. Fortunately, Springfield excels in health care and social services, so help is readily available.

Mental Disorders Summarized

America suffers from mood disorders of many different variations. Often, mood disorders are left untreated, therefore creating a large amount of suffering. Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder is one of the most popular mood disorders in the world. Symptoms include self-loathing, racing thoughts, the inability to sleep, shifts in mood, and mania.

Borderline Personality Disorder is also a common mood disturbance in America. Its symptoms include emotional instability, suicidal thoughts and behavior and intense anger. Reality and dream-like states often are confused, and paranoia is apparent. Unstable relationships and impulsivity in daily activities are also key symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, especially post 9/11, is a common mood disorder in the United States. This disorder occurs as a result of an unsafe or life threatening experience. Avoidance of people or places is a common symptom, and also the inability to cope with daily tasks without thinking of the traumatic event. Some people suffer from flashbacks or nightmares, and sleep issues are a significant result.

Help for Mood Disorders in Springfield

Treatment for mood disorders is available in Springfield. Often, a combination of medication and therapy are used to create new coping skills for the patient, and to stabilize mood. Exercising and eating a healthy diet on a daily basis is also proven to help with mood disorders, and can boost the body’s endorphins. Visit your local hospital or get a referral from your family doctor for specialists in your area. It is also useful to have a support network of family and friends around as you are dealing with your mood disorder. A professional should note medically supervised progression of therapy and medication. Springfield residents are fortunate to have outstanding healthcare and social services to help those with mental health issues.

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