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For the past nine years, people around the nation have been walking to raise awareness and help break the silence surrounding mental illness. In September 2013, walkers from the greater Chicago area, including towns like Streamwood, IL, offered hope to those who suffer from mental illness. Since mental illness tends to be a topic most people prefer not to discuss, many individuals may keep their struggles to themselves. Putting the issue of mental illness in the public view helps to remove the stigma and encourage people to seek help for their own issues.

Changing Your Thoughts About Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders. As is the case with other methods, an individual interacts with a mental health professional to talk about their issues. In CBT, the person is challenged to confront their thought patterns and modify them. This is called thought challenging and is a three-step process:

  • Identification of negative thoughts. Those who suffer from anxiety perceive danger in ordinary circumstances. The individual begins to recognize the roots of these fears.
  • Challenging these thoughts. The therapist helps the individual to confront their thoughts and fears and understand how unlikely they are to experience the things they fear.
  • Replacement. New thought patterns are developed to replace the old ones. The individual also learns concrete ways to deal with the things and situations that cause anxiety.

Recovery and Better Health

Assistance is available to those who are suffering from anxiety or other disorders. Call us at the number above today to help someone you love in Streamwood to begin the recovery process right now.

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