In Fishers

A 2012 incident in which a man near Fishers, Indiana held police at bay for nearly three hours, threatening to hurt himself and two others in the building demonstrates in stark black and white just how essential mental health treatment can be. Ultimately, no one was harmed and the man underwent a thorough mental health diagnostic and evaluation process. Hopefully the next step will be getting him the medical and therapeutic intervention he needs to find balance in his life.

Are you concerned about a loved one’s ability to continue to function effectively in Fishers, IN without mental health treatment? Whether or not you have a diagnosis for your loved one, we can help match you with a treatment program that can address your family member’s needs in treatment. Call us today.

Talking to Your Loved One About Mental Health Treatment

It can be a touchy conversation – bringing up the need for mental health treatment can be perceived as an intrusive or even rude. Many view mental health disorders as a sign of weakness or another way of saying, “I’m incapable.” When you talk to your loved one about your concern that they need mental health treatment, you may need to address these damaging stereotypes, be clear that your sole intention is to help them heal and that you are not judging them in any way. You can:

  • Point out some of the mental health symptoms that cause problems for your loved one
  • Let them know that you don’t want to see them continue to struggle
  • Remind them that mental health treatment will give them the tools to manage their symptoms
  • Tell them that you will be there with them throughout the process

Start by Finding the Right Mental Health Treatment Program

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