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Ranked 84 out of 92 counties in Indiana for health and wellness, Lake County has a “poor or fair health” rate that is almost twice the national average, an adult obesity rate that is almost 10 percent higher than most American counties, and a problem with excessive drinking that is 10 percent higher than the rest of the country, according to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Located in Lake County, families in Gary, Indiana helped create these statistics and they can begin to find their way out from under them when they receive mental health treatment that addresses the issues that are the foundation of many of these problems. Contact us today to learn more about the mental health programs that can help you and your family to heal. See Nearby: Hammond Mental Health Treatment.

One-on-One Therapy Is the Cornerstone of Mental Wellness

Most effective when issues of stress, grief, depression and other mental health disorders are disrupting life, personal therapy between a therapist and patient can be extremely effective in the healing process. The focus of interpersonal treatment is to better develop the communication habits of the patient. Specific problem areas in life are identified and the patient and therapist work together on new coping skills that will provide the patient with a more functional view and action plan. When a patient’s behavior is causing the problem – a behavior that is symptomatic of a mental health disorder – then this becomes the focus of treatment.

Guided therapy sessions can be enough to treat the issue in some cases but in others, medication may be needed as well depending upon the disorder, the specific symptoms, and the severity of those symptoms.

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