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Anxiety and depression are common issues for farmers and others whose jobs depend on the weather. Droughts, insect infestations, and other problems can come out of nowhere and when they do, it can be financially and emotionally devastating. The constant worry and ongoing efforts to protect against crop failure can increase vulnerability to the development of mental health and behavioral problems among farmers and their families.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine reported that suicide rates are higher among farmers and ranchers than in the general population, and research done by the University of Maryland said that 41 percent of women living in rural areas experienced issues of depression or anxiety, as compared to 20 percent of women living in urban areas.

If someone you love in Lafayette, Indiana is struggling with depression or anxiety, don’t wait to reach out. We can help you find a mental health treatment program that is effective when you call the phone number listed above.

Is Someone You Love Experiencing Depression?

When family members are struggling with a chronic depression disorder, the signs are generally obvious to those around them. Some symptoms include:

  • Isolating themselves from others
  • Refusing to take care of themselves properly
  • Not eating well or at all
  • Not sleeping enough or sleeping too much
  • Overindulging in drugs or alcohol
  • Appearing hopeless or joyless

What Can You Do to Help Your Family Member Fight Depression?

Stress management is key in helping someone you love in Lafayette to deal with the symptoms of depression. Developing regular sleep patterns, eating healthfully and exercising are some of many things that can be done at home. However, if this is not enough or not possible due to the overwhelming nature of the symptoms, mental health treatment is the next step. Call now to get started.

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