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Changes to Iowa’s state mental health system would mean a change from a county-based model to a regional model of care. State legislators have pledged $30 million to bring about these changes. These plans to revamp the state’s mental health system would roll out in the summer of 2014. The goal is to make mental health care more accessible to people in towns like Urbandale, IA.

The Right Provider for You

Mental health care is practiced by a number of types of care providers. Choosing the appropriate type of care depends on the individual’s condition and needs. Not every provider has the same level of experience or education. Each type of provider also varies in the type of treatment and level of care that they provide. To help those who are in the process of selecting a mental health professional, some types of providers are listed below:

  • Psychiatrist. These medical doctors specialize in the treatment of mental health issues and are able to prescribe medication.
  • Psychologist. These are PhD-educated counselors who specialize in mental health. They cannot prescribe medication.
  • Psychiatric nurse. Trained in mental health care, these registered nurses diagnose and treat mental health issues. In some states, these nurses can prescribe medications.
  • Licensed professional counselor. Possessing at least a master’s degree, these providers offer counseling in various settings, but they are unable to prescribe medications.

Care That Fits the Need

Regardless of what type of care your Urbandale loved one receives, the important thing is to help them find treatment that fits their needs. Call us today to speak to an admissions coordinator who can help you to find appropriate mental health treatment options for someone you love.

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