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Rehab for Mental Disorders in Waterloo

Black Hawk County is running out of money – just like every other county in Iowa and states across the nation. It means less money available for education, road repair, and of course, mental health treatment. The dearth of funds puts Waterloo, Iowa residents in a tough spot when it comes to making sure that loved ones have the best possible care for mental health issues like depression and eating disorders.

If someone you care about in Waterloo is struggling with moderate depression or an eating disorder, it’s not something that you should ignore. Call now to learn more about your many options in mental health treatment and speak to a counselor if you are having difficulty deciding which type of treatment is most suitable to the needs of your family member.

Untreated Eating Disorders, Depression Are Deadly

The symptoms associated with moderate depression and many eating disorders are often well hidden by patients. It can appear to others as if the problem isn’t that serious and that there’s no rush to get treatment. The fact is that hiding symptoms and isolating are part of the disease and some of the many issues that must be addressed in treatment. Without proper attention, both problems can be deadly. Here’s how:

  • Untreated depression can cause suicide.
  • An ongoing issue with an eating disorder will lead to malnutrition, which in turn can lead to a breakdown of body systems.

Don’t Wait to Get Help: Call Now for Mental Health Treatment Info

One phone call is all it takes to find the information you need to help save your family member’s life. Call the phone number listed above and get your loved one matched to an effective mental health treatment center today.

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