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Every year, mental health professionals across the state of Kansas gather at the state’s mental health hospital. One of main topics for discussion is often suicide prevention. New information about depression including recent developments in the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder is often a part of the presentation. These annual conferences allow professionals from towns like Hutchinson, KS, to discuss the issues facing their communities and their patients and learn from each other about better ways to help them.

Benefits of Mental Health Counseling

For many individuals who suffer from mental health disorders, undergoing counseling with a mental health professional plays a big part in recovery. As the individual interacts with the counselor, they are able to explore their problems in depth and find ways to cope with them. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one type of counseling used to treat mental health disorders. Below are steps involved in this type of therapy:

  • Situations or problems that affect the individual’s life are identified.
  • The counselor helps the individual to become more aware of how they view these situations and problems. This includes becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and beliefs about these things.
  • Inaccurate or negative thought patterns that may contribute to the individual’s condition are identified
  • The counselor challenges the individuals to change the ways they view their lives and their issues and to construct healthier thought patterns and habits.

The First Step Toward Better Mental Health

If you suspect that someone you love in Hutchinson is struggling with a mental health issue, please call us to speak with an admissions coordinator today. Learn how mental health treatment can benefit your loved one and help them take steps toward better mental health.

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