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The bourbon that Kentucky is known for is the downfall of many of its residents: alcoholism, with or without the presence of mental illness, is a serious problem among Kentucky residents. Problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and abuse of prescriptions are all common issues in Kentucky and across the United States. They have one thing in common: they are all treatable. If you or someone you love in Kentucky is living with a mental illness or drug addiction, get help at a Kentucky mental health treatment facility or drug rehab today.

Addiction, Depression and Mental Health in Kentucky

Addiction is a powerful disease that can break apart families, relationships, and end careers. Mental health issues have the same effect. Many people believe that they can overcome addiction on their own or can control their mood issues; unfortunately, this is not possible. Both addiction and mental health problems require medical assistance. In fact, depression and addiction often coexist and become inextricably entwined, making the need for a Kentucky dual diagnosis treatment center a necessity. At these facilities, you can find treatment for both addiction and psychological issues simultaneously and significantly increase your chances for a successful recovery from both disorders.

Addiction Help and Mental Health Treatment in Kentucky

There are a number of Kentucky addiction treatment centers and mental health clinics available to get you the help that you need. It is especially important that you get medical help immediately if you have suicidal thoughts or feelings or if you experience physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop using your drug of choice. If affordability is an issue, many rehabilitation centers across the state offer financial help. Don’t wait. Call a Kentucky mental health treatment center or Kentucky drug rehab for help today.

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