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Louisiana Mental Health Treatment Centers

With more than 4 million residents, Louisianans struggle with their fair share of mental health issues and drug addiction. Depression, anxiety, and eating disorders are just as common as alcoholism, marijuana addiction, heroin addiction and addiction to prescription painkillers. The good news is that there are a number of excellent Louisiana mental health treatment centers across the state that can treat a single issue or co-occurring disorders effectively and safely. Call now for more information.

Mental Disorders and Addiction in Louisiana

There are two major causes of addiction and mental health disorders: acute trauma and chronic genetic disorders. Depression, anxiety and addiction can be caused by a combination of both. Many people in suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. In Louisiana, the acute trauma has been significant: the state suffered two of the biggest hurricanes of the century. Many people who survived this disaster suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety and turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate. The combination of mental health issues and addiction can be devastating.

Louisiana Drug Rehabs and Mental Health Help

Louisiana has many rehabilitation clinics, psychotherapists, drug and alcohol rehabs and mental health treatment programs for those struggling with severe mood disorders and addiction issues. From simple support through weekly therapy sessions to intensive residential treatment programs that last for months and everything in between, there is an efficient medical treatment for every type of disorder and stage of addiction. At a Louisiana mental health treatment facility or drug rehab, you can find the program you need for you or your family member. Call now for assistance in finding the right Louisiana treatment center.

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