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Budget cuts are the reason behind the 2012 closure of Southeast Louisiana Hospital near Kenner, Louisiana. The state simply isn’t getting the federal funding it needs to maintain two facilities in the area, so patients were moved to Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System in Jackson.

For many, the situation is not ideal. More patients means fewer resources to go around and less attention from staff. Those living in Kenner, LA who are looking for a personalized mental health treatment plan will need to look elsewhere for assistance.

Are you living in Kenner and in search of an effective mental health treatment program? Call us at the phone number listed above and speak to someone who can help you find the center that is right for you.

Adjusting Your Budget to Accommodate Treatment

Federal and state governments aren’t the only ones struggling with a budget crunch. Families across the country are having to tighten their belts as well. So what do you do when your state mental health care system is failing and you are in need of mental health treatment? You look at your resources among private care providers.

To cover the costs of treatment, you can pull from a number of different options, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Savings/spending money
  • Borrowing from family
  • Financing

In the face of increasingly disruptive and stressful mental health symptoms, proper mental health care is essential. The good news is that you are not alone. We’re here to help you find the best mental health treatment options for your budget.

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