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Some people seem to glide through the day unruffled by unexpected bills, problems with friends and family, fear of job loss or accident – nothing gets to them. Others in Lafayette, Louisiana, however, have a much more difficult time navigating their daily experience. For some, it is a phobia about germs. For others, social anxiety is a constant obstacle. For still others, it’s a fear of unknown situations or specific incidents like car accidents, getting sick or a repeat of a traumatic natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina.

Though no one knows what causes generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), we do know that it is highly treatable. Contact us today to find mental health treatment services that can help. Search Near By: Breaux Bridge Treatment Services.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Is Treatable

According to the National Institutes of Health, patients living with generalized anxiety disorder can receive mental health treatment using medication and/or psychotherapy. Because there is a wide range of symptoms that may point to GAD as the inciting disorder, everyone’s treatment program will be a little bit different, personalized to meet their needs.

Learning how to change your perspective and view the world with more calm and balance is the primary goal of anxiety treatment. This may mean medication, if the symptoms are severe. Medication alone is never the full extent of treatment, however; psychotherapy is almost always a key component in treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most common types of therapy employed in GAD treatment because it focuses on helping patients to alter their behaviors and thought processes about the things that cause them anxiety.

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Those who are living with symptoms of generalized anxiety in Lafayette, LA need not let another day pass without getting the help they need to heal. Call now and speak to a therapist about your options in mental health treatment.

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