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Shreveport, Louisiana Mental Health Center Listings

Shreveport, Louisiana is perhaps best known for being home to a major General Motors Plant. Over the years it has helped to sustain the local community, offering various levels of jobs. Now, the GM plant in Shreveport is set to close by 2012 and this could greatly alter what’s happening in the region. Residents of Shreveport may find themselves without jobs for the first time, and for those who already have existing psychological issues under the surface, this could mean they will make an appearance full force and help is needed to overcome these problems.

Mental Health Issues in Shreveport

Depressive disorder is not always taken seriously, but it can’t just be overcome. It is characterized by low mood and general low self-esteem. People who suffer from it may also have a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities.

With a depressive disorder, it can be hard to tell if an individual has it. When it first occurs person may actually go to the other extreme; they are not withdrawal or depression, instead they may be more sociable, active, talkative and creative when compared to usual.

After a psychological trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop as a severe anxiety disorder. It can be any event that causes emotional distress that people are unable to cope with long-term or overcome. PTSD symptoms can include re-experiencing the original trauma(s) through flashbacks or nightmares.

Shreveport Mental Health Treatment

In the Shreveport area, mental health assistance is available and should be sought. Those affected by the closure on an emotional level can ensure that their mental health issues do not have a greater impact on their life, so with treatment, they can overcome it and go on to find another job or begin engaging in other projects.

Shreveport Treatment Centers

Westwood Mental Health
One Westood Cir
Shreveport LA, 71109

Mills Clinic – Bryan Mills MD
7225 Fern Avenue
Shreveport LA, 71105

Center for Families
864 Olive Street
Shreveport LA, 71104

Antares Behavioral Health
8921 Mansfield Rd
Shreveport LA, 71118

La Viral Diseases Clinic – Robert Penn MD
6670 Saint Vincent Avenue
Shreveport LA, 71106

Child and Adolescent Clinic
702 Kings Highway
Shreveport LA, 71104

Daniels Family Medical Center
3736 N Market Street 200
Shreveport LA, 71107

Overton Brooks VAMC (Attn: Mental Hygiene (116A))
510 E Stoner Ave
Shreveport LA, 71101

S Webb Sentell Phd MP
649 Millicent Way
Shreveport LA, 71106

Bradford Llc
3050 Baird Road
Shreveport LA, 71118

Antares Behavioral Health LLC
3341 Youree Drive # 102
Shreveport LA, 71105

Barrington Phyllis Hypnotherapy
3344 Youree Drive
Shreveport LA, 71105

Willis – Knighton Medical Center (Attn: Behavioral Health)
2600 Greenwood Rd
Shreveport LA, 71103

Human Skills Training Center
2829 Youree Drive # 5
Shreveport LA, 71104

ENT Head and Neck Surgery
2508 Bert Kouns Ind Loop 306
Shreveport LA, 71118

Institute for Behavioral Medical
2510 Bert Kouns Loop
Shreveport LA, 71118

Willis/Knighton Medical Center (Behavioral Med Inst Addiction Rec Ctr)
2520 Bert Kouns St Ste 101
Shreveport LA, 71118

Red River Outpatient
2032 Elizabeth Avenue
Shreveport LA, 71104

Behavioral Hospital
2150 Midway Street
Shreveport LA, 71108

Fairfield Family Clinic – Neil Halim MD
1860 Fairfield Avenue
Shreveport LA, 71101

Carol Beverly
2001 E 70th Street
Shreveport LA, 71105

Physicians Behavior Hospital
2025 Desoto Street
Shreveport LA, 71103

LSU Medical Center/University Hospital (Attn: Dept. of Psychiatry)
1501 Kings Hwy
Shreveport LA, 71103

Shreveport LA, 71107

A Family United Inc
1730 Elizabeth Ave
Shreveport LA, 71101

Martin Luther King Health Center – Robert D Jackson MD
1233 Sprague Street
Shreveport LA, 71101

Shreveport Mental Health Center
1310 N Hearne Ave
Shreveport LA, 71107

Brentwood Hospital (Brentwood Behavioral Health Company)
1006 Highland Ave
Shreveport LA, 71101