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The United States economy has been struggling for years and many Americans have turned to gambling in an attempt to try to “get ahead” of their mounting bills and the rising rates of unemployment. Unfortunately, when problem gambling or pathological gambling becomes an issue, it can make a bad financial problem worse and mean serious legal issues for the entire family.

Gambling addiction treatment and other mental health programs are available for families in Brockton, Massachusetts. Contact us at the phone number here to speak to a counselor right now.

Problem Gambling, Pathological Gambling: Both Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Gambling is under strict control in Massachusetts. Even video poker games are heavily restricted, as one bar owner found out in 2012. Licensed to operate five video poker machines, he had seven machines operating during an inspection and ended up being permanently suspended from having any video poker machines at all.

There’s a reason that there are such heavy restrictions placed on gambling in Massachusetts. Gambling destroys lives; it destroys families. Those who don’t have the ability to stop themselves from gambling – or to stop gambling once they’ve started – soon find that every aspect of their life is affected. Some of the consequences of gambling include:

  • Mental health problems. Depression is common among gamblers. The weight of being unable to control the problem and the other negative consequences that gambling brings can make patients suicidal.
  • Physical health problems. Stress and anxiety can result in ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, heart disease and other health issues.
  • Financial problems. Gamblers always lose more than they make; it’s the nature of the disease to keep gambling until debt is overwhelming.
  • Problems at home. Few spouses or long-term significant others can handle it when one partner gambles away the family budget, savings, retirement, etc.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Can Help You Recalibrate Your Life: Call Now

Whether problem gambling is an issue or pathological gambling has taken over your life, you can change your trajectory with a phone call. Contact us today. We can also offer advice if you have a loved one in Brockton, MA who is struggling with an addiction to gambling. Search Also: Boston Mental Health Services.




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