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East Boston is a neighborhood in Boston which is separated from the larger portion of the city by the Boston Harbor. Connected to Boston via covered landfills, the neighborhood is home to roughly 40,000 people. Today, one thing the neighborhood does not have to worry about being disconnected from are drug rehab programs. The local drug rehab programs offer treatment to individuals addicted to both prescription and illegal drugs.

Prescription Drug Addiction in East Boston

Prescription drug addiction is a disturbing trend that is affecting virtually all of the United States, including East Boston. Well, one development in prescription drug addiction is the increased usage of illegal drugs. Prescription drug addicts are beginning to transition from prescription meds to street drugs. There are a number of reported reasons for this transition. They include the ease of purchasing street drugs, the relative affordability and the nearly identical effects of some drugs.

Purchasing street drugs is easy: It can be easier to purchase heroin on the streets than it is to go doctor shopping or to steal opiate-based prescription medications.

Relative affordability: Prescription medications can be expensive, even with insurance. If a person who lives in East Boston doesn’t have a good insurance plan or none at all, then it can be cheaper to buy street drugs than prescription drugs.

Identical effects: Some street and prescription drugs have similar effects on the users and can become interchangeable as it concerns usage.

East Boston Treatment Options For Drug Addiction

East Boston has a number of very good drug rehab options. Individuals will find treatment programs for whatever type of substance they are addicted to. For those individuals who would like assistance choosing a quality program, we can help. Get in touch with us today.

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