In Lawrence

The stereotype of the psychopathic criminal who commits horrific crimes happens most often on the movie screen. It’s a sad myth that often deters those who need it from seeking help for their disorders – rather than be lumped in with a dangerous criminal, they may prefer to hide their symptoms and continue to live in discomfort as a result.

If you or someone you love in Lawrence, Massachusetts is struggling with the symptoms of an untreated mental health disorder, don’t allow the symptoms to continue to cause problems in your life. Call us today and speak to a counselor who can assist you in finding mental health treatment that will change your life.

Common Consequences of Untreated Mental Health Disorders

Crimes related to untreated mental health conditions are rare, but those who choose to live without getting the care they need to address negative mental health symptoms are often otherwise negatively impacted. Are the following issues a problem in your life?

  • Uncomfortable feelings. Racing thoughts, paranoia, physical symptoms related to anxiety, depression or stress – none of these are easy to live with.
  • Relationship problems. It’s difficult to have smooth relationships with others when your mind and emotions are often unsettled.
  • Financial issues. Managing money, paying bills on time, and handling other financial tasks become harder when you are distracted by mental health problems.
  • Employment difficulties. Focusing on work can be difficult when you are struggling with mental health symptoms.

Good Mental Health Improves Your Quality of Life

Not only do you address mental health symptoms when you choose therapeutic mental health treatment, but you also address the negative consequences of those symptoms in your life in Lawrence. Call now to begin the treatment that can improve your quality of life.