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This past spring, an event organized completely by high school students in Leominster, MA, focused on the issues of mental health and gun control. The 26 Angels benefit invited over 30 speakers from local government and law enforcement to weigh in on the issues including the Leominster mayor and police chief. Inspired to action after the tragic school shootings in nearby Connecticut last year, this group of young people is working to make a difference in their community.

Learning About Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective disorder is a condition of the brain that impairs the individual’s ability to function on a daily basis. This disorder affects the individual in several ways. A person may experience psychotic symptoms like paranoia or hallucinations. Many also experience extreme mood changes. Sometimes the individual experiences both of these at the same time. Several other common symptoms of this disorder are listed below:

  • Delusions (false beliefs), hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing things others don’t see) or other breaks with reality
  • Disorganized thoughts as well as difficulty communicating
  • Strange thoughts or perceptions
  • Episodes of depression
  • Behavioral extremes; fluctuating between a state of hyperactivity and a state lacking energy and activity
  • Memory issues and difficulty paying attention
  • Neglecting appearance and hygiene
  • Suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts
  • Lack of self-control, being easily irritated or the inability to control one’s temper

Prioritizing Evidence-Based Treatment

If you believe that someone you care about in Leominster is suffering from a mental health disorder and needs help, our admissions coordinators can match you to the treatment services that will be best suited to your loved one’s needs. Learn how mental health professionals can help them to gain control over their issues and begin to live a more enjoyable life starting now.

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