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The National Alliance on Mental Health estimates that the number of Massachusetts residents living with a severe mental illness equals more than 185,000. They go on to report that about 37 percent of these residents are eligible for Medicaid yet about half of them are on waiting lists for treatment – and not getting the care they need to heal.

Families in New Bedford, Massachusetts need not waste precious time on waiting lists for bare-bone state mental health treatment services. Contact us today to speak to a counselor about your options in mental health treatment and get your loved one started on their road to a more balanced life.

Goals of Effective Mental Health Care

  1. Stabilization. If your loved one is in crisis, the first order of business is to help them stabilize their symptoms. Getting them to their “ground zero” is necessary before embarking on the development of a treatment program.
  2. Managing symptoms. Identification of the different symptoms will help your loved one to receive an accurate diagnosis. Each symptom will be addressed with medication, in some cases. It may take weeks or months to find the right dosage of medication or the right combination of medication, but when that has been achieved, the therapeutic work of managing the remaining symptoms begins.
  3. Continued progress. Learning how to handle the challenges of the specific disorder is key to ongoing success – so is staying on track with medications and other treatment resources.

Take the First Step: Help Your Loved One Reach His Goals and Call Us Today

Are you ready to get started and help your loved one improve their quality of life? Call now to find the right mental health treatment program for your New Bedford, MA family.

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