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Issues of stress, depression and anxiety often go untreated because patients believe that the symptoms are “normal” or a passing phase, like sleep disruptions. Rather than seeking help early, signs often worsen before patients realize that mental health treatment is necessary, which can mean years of living with discomfort and unnecessary risks related to serious mental illnesses.

If someone you love in Quincy, Massachusetts has a lesser quality of life due to symptoms that could be caused by a mental wellness issue, help is available. Call now to learn about your options for your family member in mental health treatment.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns Can Be a Sign of a Mental Health Problem

A 2012 Patriot Ledger article highlights the problems that can come from issues associated with sleep. One of the biggest, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is the number of annual car accidents caused by drowsy drivers: 100,000 accidents with 1,500 fatalities.

Sleep disruption is a sign of a number of mental health disorders including substance abuse, depression, anxiety, stress and other issues. In some cases, patients suffer from insomnia, unable to get to sleep or unable to stay asleep for any length of time. In other cases, patients can’t get out of bed or often feel drowsy and unable to engage.

If sleep disruption is a problem for you, what other symptoms are you experiencing? Is there a chance that another mental health problem is the underlying issue or is it an acute problem associated with stress at work, a problem with a family member, or another day-to-day issue? In any case, mental health treatment can help, providing you with:

  • Coping skills to deal with day-to-day stressors
  • A forum for working through interpersonal issues with a significant other or family member
  • A diagnosis and treatment for a more serious disorder
  • Medication when necessary

Get the Diagnosis and Mental Health Care You Need and Make Tomorrow Brighter

Don’t wait for your loved one in Quincy, MA to become a statistic. Call now to find the right mental health treatment program for their needs.


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