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WGGB out of Waltham, Massachusetts reports that gambling is a topic of hot debate among politicians and law enforcement. Everyone wants to know whether or not legal gambling establishments encourage gambling addiction.

Mark Fatla is the Executive Director of Pittsburgh North Side Leadership Conference, a community development corporation. He says: “Proximity is a factor in addiction. There are lots of studies that say the closer you are to a gambling venue, the more likely you are to become addicted.”

Is gambling addiction or problem gambling an issue for someone in your family in Waltham, MA? Mental health treatment centers offer gambling addiction programs that can help your family member learn how to control compulsive behavior. Call now for more information.

Gambling Infects Families

When one person struggles with gambling, it can destroy the family from the inside out. One person’s misuse of family funds can mean that there’s no money for rent, utilities, school costs and more. Emotional damage can occur as well, and others in the family often feel:

  • A lack of trust
  • Fear for the future
  • Instability
  • An inability to focus on the good things

Other family members can develop mental health issues of their own, including substance abuse problems, depression, anxiety and more.

Families Heal When the Gambler Gets Help

The negative effects of one person’s gambling can’t be fixed overnight, but helping the gambler to get into a gambling addiction treatment program can start the process of healing for everyone in the family. It starts with a single phone call. Contact us at the phone number above now to speak to a professional about gambling treatment options today.

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