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Flint, Michigan Mental Health Treatment Center Listings

Located on the Flint River, Flint is a city that many call home in Michigan. This city has a population of over 124,000 residents, and is very close to Detroit. Known to be the birthplace of General Motors and the famous Flint Strike, this city is chock full of history and revolution. The auto industry is Flint’s main economic industry, as well as its contribution to the United States army, building war machines and tanks. Unfortunately, there are residents in Michigan who deal with mood disorders. Flint is a city that offers aid to those in need of medical help.

Mood Disorders: Types and Symptoms

Mood disorders are suffered by millions of Americans every year. There are many types of mood disorders that require attention from a medical professional, and each therapy program is different. Bipolar disorder, often called Manic Depression, is a common ailment in the United States. Symptoms include self loathing, the inability to sleep, racing thoughts and anxiety. Paranoia and mania are also side effects of Bipolar Disorder, and often causes the victim and their families to suffer a great deal.

Borderline Personality Disorder is also a common mood disorder. Symptoms include emotional instability, intense anger, and paranoia. Confusion between dream like states and reality are also common. Suicidal thoughts and behaviour might also be a result of Borderline Personality Disorder as impulsivity and unstable relationships become unmanageable.

Post Traumatic Stress disorder is a common mood disorder that is a result of an unsafe or life threatening experience. Symptoms include avoidance of people and places that trigger memories of the trauma, the inability to cope with daily life without nightmares or flashbacks, and sleep deprivation.

Help is Available in Flint: Mood Disorder Therapy Recommendations

Fortunately, Flint is a city that has many places to turn for help. There are many treatment centers located in the city, and can often be referred by a family doctor or hospital. Mood disorders are often treated with a combination of prescription medication and therapy, and prove to be a useful aid to those that suffer. Therapy helps the sufferer to learn new coping skills, and integrate themselves back into a daily routine of normalcy. Therapy can also help rebuild damaged relationships, careers, and self esteem. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routine, and a stable support system are also proven remedies for coping with mental disorders. Flint offers help to all residents. Contact your local hospital or doctor for a referral.

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