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When a Michigan State University math professor stripped naked in the middle of class and began screaming, cursing and banging against windows before wandering the hallways, few students were surprised. While they certainly didn’t expect this extreme behavior, almost all who commented on the incident said that the man was “eccentric” and showed signs of breaking well before he decided to rant in the buff in front of his class.

Are you seeing the signs of a pending mental break in someone you care about in Pontiac, Michigan? Have you taken any steps to intervene? Do so today by calling us at the phone number listed above. The range of mental health treatment options available to your Pontiac loved one can help you get them the care they need to avoid a meltdown.

Speak Up and Help Your Family Member Get Mental Health Treatment

How can you tell when someone is merely eccentric – or when they need serious mental health treatment? Consider:

  • Wearing wacky clothes is eccentric but wearing the exact same outfit every day or having unhealthy hygiene is a problem.
  • Getting up on a soapbox about certain issues is normal but ranting endlessly, nonsensically, or as motivated by paranoia is a treatable issue.
  • Philosophical discussions about death, war or dying in an appropriate context are fine but obsessing over death or talking about hurting oneself or others requires an immediate intervention.

Mental Health Treatment Options Are Many and Varied: What Is Right for Your Loved One?

From personal therapy sessions once a week to inpatient long-term mental health treatment, there is a wide range of treatment services. Which one is right for your Pontiac loved one? Call now to discuss your options with a treatment counselor.

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