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Treatment for Mental Illness in Taylor, Michigan

In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, it was determined that there may be a silver lining when eating disorder patients find themselves in the emergency room. When 940 teens and young adults who were admitted to the ER due to medical issues caused by disordered eating habits were surveyed, it was found that the doctors who treated them in their moment of crisis were able to effectively convince them that their habits were dangerous and that extensive treatment was an immediate and urgent need.

Eating disorders are the most deadly mental health disorder, and without treatment, patients develop both acute and chronic disorders that can be deadly. If it’s a problem for someone you love in Taylor, Michigan, waiting to help them get treatment could be a fatal mistake. Contact us today at the phone number listed above to find a mental health treatment program that can help.

Methods of Treatment for Eating Disorders

An extensive and well-rounded treatment program is the best way to successfully address eating disorders like anorexia, binge eating and bulimia. Therapeutic treatment protocols may include:

  • Medical intervention to address physical health issues caused by disordered eating habits
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Personal therapy to address trauma
  • Group therapy to provide a community of support
  • Substance abuse treatment if necessary
  • Long-term aftercare and support

What Does Your Loved One Need to Beat an Eating Disorder?

Everyone’s challenges to recovery are personal, so it’s important that you choose an eating disorder treatment program that has the capability of providing your Taylor loved one with personalized care. Call us at the phone number listed above and speak to a mental health treatment expert about which program will best be able to help your loved one successfully develop a functional relationship with nutrition and food.

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