In Edina

Earlier this year, Hennepin County Minnesota Sheriff Rich Stanek was privileged to be part of a group of law enforcement officials who met with Vice President Joseph Biden. At the meeting, Sheriff Stanek questioned Vice President Biden on the issue of mental illness. An outspoken advocate on the issue, Sheriff Stanek wants to equip local law officers in towns like Edina, MN to respond more appropriately to individuals with mental health issues. He has also advocated for the treatment of inmates housed in the county jail who suffer from mental illness.

Alternative and Holistic Mental Health Treatment Options

Identifying an individual’s mental health disorder and providing professional care for them are the beginnings of their recovery. There are also a number of alternative approaches that can be used to supplement and reinforce the care already being received:

  • Self-help groups. Informal group meetings where an individual can meet others with mental health issues, share experiences, learn from them, and receive support.
  • Nutrition. Making healthier choices of what foods and drinks are consumed. Vitamins and/or herbal supplements can also sometimes help augment treatment.
  • Pastoral counseling. Speaking with a trained religious counselor can be beneficial, especially for people of faith.
  • Animal therapy. Specially trained therapy animals are sometimes used to assist individuals with mental health disorders.
  • Expressive therapies. Art therapy, music therapy, or dance therapy gives individuals a creative outlet that can help them cope with symptoms while also expressing themselves.

Starting the Process of Healing Right Now

Treatment options are available to help someone you care about in Edina to begin the process of healing. Call this number today to learn more about treatment for your loved one.

Edina Treatment Centers

Prairie St. John’s (Partial Hospital Program)
6545 France Ave S #302
Edina MN, 55435

Fairview – Fairview Counseling Centers, Metro Appts
7600 France Avenue South
Edina MN, 55435

Tasks Unlimited, Inc. (Interlachen Lodge)
5141 William Ave S
Edina MN, 55436

Fairview – Southdale Hospital (Adult Mental Health Unit – Station 77)
6401 France Ave S
Edina MN, 55435