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Many of Mississippi’s residents are still rebuilding their lives after natural disasters, losing loved ones, losing jobs and dealing with marital issues. The issues of depression and anxiety as well as drug and alcohol addiction develop at higher rates when problems of this type are at hand. During an economic recession, it’s not uncommon to see many Americans put their health on the back burner and hope for better times.

In instances where genetics play a part – either contributing to drug and alcohol addiction or causing bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative disorder and other mental health problems – it is especially important that help is sought quickly.

Mississippi Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Help

If you or someone you love is living in Mississippi and struggling with mental health problems, drug and alcohol addiction or a combination of the two, you are invited to take advantage of one of the many treatment centers located across the state of Mississippi. These centers provide the medical and psychological treatment to take on a mental illness or substance abuse issue and help you find a sense of balance and peace.

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Many residents of Mississippi deal with a mental illness or drug addiction, but about half of those struggling with either one are actually living with both. The issue of co-occurring disorders (i.e., alcoholism and depression or prescription painkiller addiction and anxiety) is exceedingly common. As a result, there are a number of Mississippi treatment centers that provide specialized dual diagnosis treatment. At these programs, you can expect to receive individualized treatment designed to meet your specific needs. Addressing your history with drugs and alcohol as well as your history with psychological issues, you can find a unique Mississippi treatment program that will help you leave drugs and alcohol behind forever and find a positive state of mental health.

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