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The focus in one cancer center in Greenville, Mississippi, is on the many issues that co-occur with cancer, including mental health issues. The Wall Street Journal reports that about 14 million people living in the United States today have survived cancer. By 2022, WSJ says that that number could grow to 18 million. About 40 percent of survivors were alive 10 years or longer after their diagnoses, which means that there is a huge need for therapeutic healing after living through the trauma of chronic illness.

The Weight of Chronic Illness

More than just a physical obstacle to overcome, the burden of chronic illness can weigh heavily on the patient and their family members even during remission. Some mental health issues patients often face include:

  • Fear of death
  • Worry about loved ones who would be left behind
  • Financial concerns
  • Concerns about legacy, goals and the future
  • Past issues of guilt or regret

Getting a diagnosis of a chronic illness can be shattering, and patients are tasked with determining the best mode of treatment while also continuing to live their lives. Mental health treatment can often be a huge support system and can include treatment options like:

  • Personal therapy
  • Support groups
  • Family therapy
  • Holistic treatments to promote mind-body wellness

What Does Your Loved One Need to Heal on Every Level?

Intensive mental health treatment can help patients and their families learn how to deal with the issues that come with chronic ailments, giving them the coping tools and the support they so desperately need.

Call now to learn more about the treatment options and support groups that may be appropriate in your case or that of your Greenville loved one. We’re here to assist you now.

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