In Southaven

Suicide is a serious health concern that takes the lives of people across the nation every day. In late 2012, a man from Southaven, MS committed suicide in the lobby of a local hospital with a handgun. Family members later told officials that the man had been experiencing emotional issues and suffering from depression.

Treating Depression

Individuals who attempt or complete suicide often believe that life is hopeless and that they are helpless to change their current condition. Often, suicide is linked to mental health issues such as depression. Contrary to being helpless, individuals who suffer from depression can be treated for their condition. One of the main methods that is used to treat depression is psychotherapy. In this type of therapy, individuals meet with a mental health professional on a regular basis who helps them to recognize things that contribute to their depression and learn coping skills to handle the issues effectively. Below are ways that someone can benefit from psychotherapy:

  • Understanding that they are not helpless and they can solve problems in their life
  • Setting goals for improving their mental health that are both attainable and realistic
  • Identifying ways of thinking that may contribute to their condition
  • Learning new skills that the individual can begin to use on a daily basis to deal with sadness and depression

Finding the Right Care

For those individuals who suffer from mental health issues, finding ways to live with the symptoms might seem difficult. However, help is available for those who need it. If someone that you care about in Southaven is ready to learn how to cope with a mental health disorder, call now to have your loved one matched to the best mental health treatment program for their needs.