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Independence, Missouri Mental Health Treatment Center Listings

Independence is the fourth largest city in the state of Missouri, and has a population of over 121,000 residents. Nicknamed “The Queen City of the Trails”, Independence is filled with magnificent trails, green woodlands, and agriculture. Home of former President Harry Truman, Independence is known for its pivotal role in the Latter Day Saints Movement. Its downtown district contains Graceland University, and hosts the city’s famous Strawberry Festival every year. The downtown core is also filled with historical museums, and its enthusiasm for baseball. Unfortunately, addiction to drugs and alcohol and depression is no stranger to this prosperous city. Fortunately, there are many places to turn to for help for those suffering from depression and addiction.

Addiction and Depression Symptoms

Addiction is a brain disorder, and can affect people at any age. People may become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or even prescription medications. Addicts develop a high tolerance to the drug of their choice, and become preoccupied with their addictions. Mood changes, weight loss, and the inability to function or cope without a particular drug are also symptoms of addiction.

Depression has many symptoms, and can often be dismissed if not diagnosed properly. The inability to eat or sleep, difficulty concentrating on daily tasks, and feeling helpless or hopeless are also symptoms. Negative thoughts cannot be controlled, and suicidal thoughts and behavior are present. Depression can ruin relationships, careers, and a person’s sense of worthiness, so it is vital that help is received.

The Way Out of Addiction: Independence, Missouri

Treatments for addictions are usually medically supervised, especially in the case of detoxification. Outpatient or residential treatment programs are available in Independence, and can often be funded with a financial plan that works for you and the facility. Medication and counseling are also efficient in treating addiction, and therapy should normally last for an adequate amount of time in order for the patient to develop new coping skills. Support from friends and family is essential to recovery, and living a healthy lifestyle including eating right and exercising is also important. Independence has many places where someone suffering from addiction can go, visit your local hospital or doctor’s office for a referral.

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