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A man in Missouri lost his job after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Instead of dealing with his diagnosis and job loss in unhealthy ways, Mark Norwine chose to walk across the state and make stops along the way, including a visit to the state capitol in Jefferson City, MO. The goal of his journey from one side of the state to the other was to raise money and awareness about mental health issues. By sharing his struggle with bipolar disorder, Norwine hopes that more people will seek assistance for their own mental health issues.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes an individual to fluctuate between a depressed state and a manic state. Those who suffer from this disorder may have difficulty controlling their behavior. They may also have a greater risk for suicide than the average person. Although no one is sure what causes this disorder, it is a treatable condition. Some of the treatments used to help people learn to cope with bipolar disorder are listed below:

  • Medications. Mood stabilizers are used initially to control the individual’s emotional fluctuations. Antipsychotics and antidepressants are also used to help control symptoms.
  • Talk therapy. One-on-one counseling and group therapy are used to help individuals recognize behaviors and symptoms, be aware of triggers for symptoms and learn to cope with these things.
  • Hospitalization. This may be necessary for individuals who are experiencing severe or acute symptoms.

Treatment Brings Improvement

Like untreated physical disorders, untreated mental health disorders rarely improve on their own. To learn more about treatment for you, or for someone you love in Jefferson City, contact us at the above number today.

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