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Intervening positively when someone is in a mental health crisis is vital in order to resolve the situation successfully. For six years running, Gallatin County has been training its law enforcement officers in towns like Bozeman, MT, how to handle a crisis and respond appropriately. This type of training, called Crisis Intervention Training, not only allows officers to respond to a crisis, but also gives them the ability to better recognize mental health needs around them and advocate for better treatment for those who suffer from mental illness.

Long-Term Treatment, Long-Term Recovery

Mental illness affects an individual’s entire life. For most individuals, the process of recovery from a mental illness is a long-term process. Due to the nature of disorders such as schizophrenia, individuals who are being treated for it may need a number of years to learn to cope with their condition. Below are the treatments commonly used to help individuals manage the symptoms of schizophrenia and move toward recovery:

  • Medication. The use of antipsychotic drugs is one of the primary treatments for schizophrenia. These medications affect the individual’s brain thus helping them cope with their symptoms.
  • Psychosocial treatments. A variety of treatments are used to help people recognize problematic behaviors, learn to deal with stress, and learn better communication skills. Some examples include family therapy, skills training, or individual therapy.

Dealing with the Difficulties

Supporting someone who is learning to cope with the difficulties associated with mental illness is a long-term investment of time and energy. If someone close to you in Bozeman needs assistance learning to live with their mental health issues, call us today to learn more about treatment options and find the right program for your family member.

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