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Nebraska, like the rest of the country, is dealing with a steady rise in drug and alcohol addiction. About half of those addicted to drugs and alcohol also suffer from mental health issues as well or as a result of their drug use. Another portion of the population lives with serious mental health problems – bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia and others – completely independent of drug and alcohol addiction. Not matter which issue or combination of issues is plaguing you or your loved one, you can find the help you need to recover at a Nebraska treatment center.

Nebraska Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Nebraskans living with heroin addiction, alcoholism, marijuana addiction, crystal meth addiction, prescription drug addiction and addiction to a combination of drugs and alcohol can find drug addiction treatment close to home in Nebraska. From Lincoln to Geneva, Wymore to Butte, there are Nebraska drug and alcohol rehab centers dedicated to helping you break free from both the physical and psychological symptoms of addiction and start a new life without drugs and alcohol. Call the number listed above to find out more about your options in Nebraska drug treatment or to locate a rehab near you.

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Depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mood issues are exceedingly common in Nebraska but, unfortunately, a great majority of sufferers decline to get the treatment they need to find balance and harmony in their lives. In some cases, acute trauma like the loss of a loved one, a lost job, financial trouble or divorce can be the cause. In other cases, there is a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes a lifelong mental disorder. Unlike the mental problems caused by acute trauma, these will not fade with time; treatment is necessary.

Whether acute or chronic, you don’t have to live another day without help for any mental health issue. Call us now to find out how a Nebraska mental health treatment center can help you heal.

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