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In late 2011, a man opened fire on innocent people in a Carson City, NV restaurant then turned the gun on himself, dying later in the hospital. Later authorities discovered that he suffered from mental illness that contributed to his behavior.

It was an event that opened up the eyes of many Carson City residents. Where mental health symptoms go untreated, negative events follow. If someone you love is in need of mental health treatment, contact us at the phone numbers listed above today.

A Preventable Problem

Violent behavior and suicide are often linked to mental health disorders. With Nevada ranking consistently in the top five in per capita suicides, this issue looms large in the minds of many Nevadans. For those who are wondering about prevention, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Suicide Prevention lists some ways to help prevent suicide:

  • Recognize warning signs. Is the person depressed, withdrawn or making poor life choices? Are they violent? Have they previously attempted suicide? Are they talking about or planning suicide?
  • Heed warning signs. About 75 percent of suicides convey their intentions to friends or family members.
  • Listen. Be willing to ask tough questions and listen well.
  • Help them get professional help. Encourage them to see a mental health care professional as soon as possible.
  • If there is a crisis situation, get professional help immediately. Take them to an ER or get emergency help immediately. Do not leave them alone.
  • Continue to remain involved. Offer ongoing assistance by taking them to support group meetings or counseling sessions, reminding them to take medications, and remaining alert to any further signs of mental illness or suicidal intentions.

Getting Help

Suicide is a serious problem, but it is also often a preventable one. Professional counselors can provide your Carson City loved one with the proper treatment they need to deal with suicide. Call us today to get help.

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