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After two tragic mass shootings in 2012, many states across the nation have been focusing once again on mental health issues. A number of states have restored budget cuts that affected their mental health systems. In New Hampshire, the approval of the state’s latest budget means that more people will have access to mental health care. An additional $28 million will be restored to the state’s system to help those who need mental health care in towns like Concord, NH.

Treating Depression

Each year in the United States, millions of Americans suffer from bouts of depression. Occasionally, these depressive episodes are circumstantial and pass once the individual’s circumstances have changed. However, for many people, their depression is ongoing and will not go away on its own. This type of chronic depression is a problem that needs to be addressed and treated. A range of treatments is available to help those who struggle with this mental health disorder:

  • Medications. A number of different types of medications are commonly used to treat the symptoms of depression.
  • Psychotherapy. Several forms of talk therapy are used, including family therapy, interpersonal therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). This is used if medications cannot be taken, in cases of severe depression or to treat certain acute symptoms.

Improved Mental Health

Those who suffer from mental health disorders may not always realize their need for professional help. If you believe that a loved one in Concord would benefit from treatment to improve their mental health, call us at the number above today. Learn how mental health professionals can help them to take steps toward better health and well-being starting now.

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