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Depression in new mothers does more than just affect the mother; it can negatively impact her child as well. A new study out of Rutgers near East Orange, New Jersey reports that when women are abused physically or economically by their spouse or partner in the first year of the baby’s life, they are more likely to develop depression and spank their child in the first five years.

Are you struggling with depression? If you are a parent, it becomes even more important to quickly begin the process of mental health treatment in order to gain control of hurtful mental health symptoms. If you need treatment, contact us today to find the right program for your needs.

Different Kinds of Abuse Lead to Depression

According to the study, any type of abuse – termed intimate partner violence (IPV) – can be detrimental to the mother’s ability to parent effectively. Neglect and extreme physicality in discipline – even child abuse – are a concern. Types of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse. Slapping, kicking, hitting or unwanted sexual contact perpetrated on the mother by her partner.
  • Psychological abuse. Belittling, constant lying, trying to twist situations so the blame for his wrongs are her fault, etc.
  • Economic abuse. Withholding money, spending money recklessly, blocking her ability to access funds, taking her name of credit cards or bank accounts without telling her – there are a number of different ways for economic abuse to manifest.

 Is Depression Affecting the Ability to Parent?

When mental health symptoms become intrusive and detrimental to others, it’s time to get help. Is someone you love in East Orange in need of treatment? Contact us today to find the best possible program available.

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