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In 44 states, it is possible to involuntarily commit your loved one struggling with debilitating mental health symptoms (e.g., delusion, paranoia, extreme or erratic behavior) to an outpatient mental health treatment program – and New Jersey is one of them. Unfortunately, New Jersey’s state-run facilities do not have the resources to provide all the medications necessary to treat the thousands of patients who need them. These conditions are far from ideal. While families in Passaic, New Jersey may be desperate to get their loved one the help they need, it’s only help if it offers everything necessary to successfully manage their condition.

If someone you care about in Passaic, NJ would benefit from mental health treatment but you want to ensure that they get the best care possible, contact us at the phone number listed above today.

Treatment for Your Loved One, Support for You

One of the benefits of a full-service mental health treatment program is their ability to provide services to the family as well as the patient. Because the patient’s success often depends upon the understanding and support of their family members at home, an effective mental health treatment program will provide them with ample services, including:

  • Educational workshops about mental illness
  • Support groups for family members of those living with a mental health disorder
  • Family therapy if necessary
  • Personal therapy to help you deal with issues as they arise

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The more answers you have to your questions, the better support and care your loved one will get during treatment and at home. Contact us today to be matched with a mental health treatment program that will be able to provide you and your Passaic loved one with all the services necessary for a more balanced experience with mental wellness.

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