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In 2013, a man suffering from a bout of depression and intent on committing suicide was pulled off a bridge in Perth Amboy, NJ by local law enforcement. The intoxicated man was spotted on the edge of the Victory Bridge by people passing by who alerted authorities. One officer courageously held onto the man for over an hour while attempting to talk him out of jumping. When the man did make his move to jump, other officers grabbed the man as well and pulled him to safety.

Seeing the Signs

Many who contemplate suicide also struggle with mental health issues. For these individuals, helping them learn to manage their mental health symptoms is crucial to preventing suicide attempts and other negative effects.

The importance of recognizing the signs of a mental illness cannot be overstated. Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that causes two extreme emotional phases – the manic phase and the depressed phase. Below is a list of some symptoms that can be observed in each of these phases:

  • Manic phase. Increased activity, extreme elation or feeling on top of the world, making risky or poor decisions, increased aggression, using more drugs and/or alcohol than normal, delusions, hallucinations, or detachment from reality.
  • Depressed phase. Suicidal thoughts or behaviors, sadness, hopelessness, insomnia, changes in appetite, guilt, anxiety, or persistent physical pain without a related cause.

Learning to Live Again

Many people who suffer from mental health issues have learned to live normally and cope with their disorder in healthy ways. If you or someone you love in Perth Amboy needs help learning to live again, contact us today to learn more about your options in mental health treatment.

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Perth Amboy, NJ 8861
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Perth Amboy, NJ 8861
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