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New Jersey has typically had a very low suicide rate, but there has been a marked increase over the past 10 to 12 years. A new suicide prevention initiative in New Jersey is already helping many people in need. The state’s first ever suicide hotline is helping individuals who are facing crisis situations. During its first two weeks in operation, the hotline received over 300 calls from individuals in towns like Plainfield, NJ. Trained counselors respond to individuals who feel like they have nowhere else to turn or that no one can help them.

Effective Treatment = Successful Symptom Management

Suicide is often linked to mental health disorders. Health officials estimate that as many as 90 percent of all attempted or completed suicides are by individuals who suffer from mental health issues. This close connection makes paying attention to one’s mental health even more important. In addition to seeking treatment for mental health issues, there are several things an individual can do:

  • Learn about the condition, including ways to treat it and coping methods.
  • Find a support group made up of individuals who have similar issues and struggles.
  • Stay close to family and friends, leaning on them for support and asking for help throughout the recovery process.
  • Track progress by keeping a journal and referring back to it when faced with discouragement.

Choose Health, Wellness and Balance

Deciding to seek mental health assistance for your Plainfield loved one is an important choice that will help them move toward a life defined by balance and wellness. Learn more about effective treatment options and begin the enrollment process when you call to speak to one of our admissions coordinators at the number above today.

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