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The existence of a substance abuse issue alongside a mental health disorder is becoming increasingly more common in New Mexico and across the United States. In fact, the number of people seeking treatment for both problems at once in New Mexico has doubled since 1992, according to New Mexico Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues At-A-Glance published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). How do you handle it if someone you love in Rio Rancho, New Mexico has a co-occurring disorder? You contact us at the number above to find a Dual Diagnosis treatment center that’s right for your Rio Rancho loved one.

Multiple Disorder Combinations Require Unique and Specialized Care

Are you living with anxiety and alcoholism? Eating disorders and a stimulant dependence? Depression and a heroin addiction? No matter what your combination of disorders, you will need to find a mental health treatment program that offers the ability to create a personalized program designed to address your unique issues, including:

  • Your drug of choice and associated withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • The symptoms of your disorder that you have previously “treated” through abuse of illicit substances
  • Underlying trauma
  • Residual issues (e.g., medical disorders) caused by untreated addiction and mental health issues

Which Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Is Right for You?

The ability to provide you with personalized care comes through adequate resources. Few public treatment options have enough staff members, specialists, and space to give patients the full attention they need to heal effectively. Contact us at the phone number listed above to be matched with a private mental health treatment program that can give you everything you need to manage your mental health symptoms and get back on track in your life. Call now.

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