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Buffalo, New York is located in the state of New York, not too far from the Canadian border. This is one city that unfortunately gets a bad reputation, portrayed in the media as an area that has a great deal of crime and drug use. There is some truth amongst the media portrayal, although, those are truths that can be found in any American city. There is, in fact, drug and alcohol addiction that occurs with Buffalo residents, and the same applies to mental health disorders; sometimes the two can also have a link to one another. (See related: New York Mental Health Treatment)

Addiction and Mental Health Issues in Buffalo

While it might be a stereotype that mental health disorders can lead to addiction, there is some truth to it since those who are struggling to cope with psychological problems can self-medicate with drugs that make them feel as though they are somewhat back in control or numbed by the pain of their mental health issues. Addiction and mental health links can occur with residents of any US city.

Addiction rarely occurs on its own. More often than not, drug use begins when there is an emotional issue that an addict has not addressed or treated properly, and this precipitates their drug use as they feel it is taking away those negative feelings.

Mental health issues that can lead to drug abuse, truly can be any, and can include bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression and borderline personality disorder.

Treating Mental Health and Addiction

A comprehensive rehab recovery program can help addicts deal not only with their physical addiction, but also with the emotional issues that caused their use. They will be properly diagnosed and assessed and a appropriate treatment plan that includes detox from the drug addiction and psychological therapy can lead them towards recovery.

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