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When a man who was described as “mentally unstable” threatened to shoot police in a standoff in Schenectady, New York, he was immediately arrested and taken into custody. Did he really intend to harm officers? Or was he suffering from anxiety, delusions or paranoia brought on by an untreated mental illness? Or both?

The answers don’t really matter to law enforcement. When there’s a threat of harm to anyone, their first response will always be to shut down the threat and ask questions later. Unfortunately, this can often result in loss of life, a tragedy in any circumstance but even more so when the victim is struggling with an untreated mental illness.

If your loved one in Schenectady, NY often behaves erratically due to mental health symptoms, get the effective mental health care necessary to help them move closer to a grounded, more balanced life. Call today.

The Goals of Mental Health Treatment

Your loved one may be currently under the care of a doctor and getting medical attention for his mental health issues. But is it working? Are symptoms persisting and continuing to cause your loved one to get into dangerous or untenable situations?

The goals of mental health treatment are simple. They are to provide the patient with everything he needs to:

  • Eliminate symptoms that can be eliminated
  • Manage remaining symptoms
  • Learn better coping skills for dealing with mental health issues when they cause stress
  • Build positive and functional relationships

If you feel that your loved one is not actively working toward those goals in his current mental health care environment, it’s time to find a new treatment center.

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Our counselors are standing by to match you with a center that has the resources to help your Schenectady loved one overcome the challenges created by his mental health issues. Call today.

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